Field Studies

Field Studies, 2014

+ Project Statement

In Field Studies, I show the viewer what I notice about a field that I visit. This is an area that I visit often to find a place to be alone, to occupy my time, or to explore. I create a space for observations: transient moments that I capture through the traces that I place in the landscape. My approach is simultaneously methodical in the way I approach the field with my materials, and dependent on unpredictable, transitory moments. Applying a system of reaction to the ever-changing elements of light and living organisms becomes a mode of taming as well as highlighting the chaos that exists in the natural world. The constructions that I make last only long enough to make the photograph, so that the photograph also serves as the only evidence that these moments occurred.

The field is quiet and calm; it has a stillness about it that is full of possibility. I enter ready to observe and to collect the shadows and moments that are my specimens.